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Dog and Cat Microchipping Services

Magicvets provides dog and cat microchipping services at their clinic as well as at your home. Microchipping ensures your pet has a unique identification number which is used primarily to trace it, and recover it in case it is lost or stolen. This is made possible by registering your pet’s unique ID number in a global databank and then sharing information about its loss with whizzles Network centres, veterinary doctors and concerned pet agencies.

Why Should I Microchip My Dog?

Your canine companion is a loyal, loving, and irreplaceable friend – one that may have an urge to wander and explore and runs the risk of getting lost. Unfortunately, it is all too common for dogs to lose their way back home and end up in a shelter. It is easy to think that it won’t happen, but the reality is that a staggering number of dogs are lost in the shelter system each year because they lack reliable means for identification once they are found. At Magicvets, we feel that dogs are part of the family, yours, and ours, and that is why we recommend every dog receives an identification microchip.

Traditional dog ID tags that hang from a collar are a common-sense line of defense, however, dog ID tags can easily become separated from your dog. In cases of dog theft, a dog ID tag is the first thing a thief will discard. However, a microchip for dogs is a permanent solution that ensures your dog can be properly identified by a veterinarian or animal shelter and reunited with you.

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